Do you have some questions about how we operate? Here are some inquiries we seem to get more often than not.


Q: Is Milford TV taxpayer funded?

A: No. Milford TV's entire operation is funded by portions of revenue from Comcast, Verizon, local sponsors, and membership. If you're a subscriber to either of these services, you will see a small PEG access fee included in your monthly cable bill.  


Q: Can anyone become a Milford TV member?

A: No. To become an official Milford TV Member you must meet a few criteria. Please refer to the "Memberships" page to find out how.  


Q: Does the town of Milford run Milford TV?

A: No. As a non-profit, The Milford TV Board of Directors oversees the operation of Milford Community Media Center. The Executive Director maintains the Milford TV facilities, its resources and coordinates programming.